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Insider Look: Get To Know Aisle 9

If you’ve been on Aisle 9 for any length of time, you may know the bio. Simply put: we’re all about connecting women + products. However, as time goes on, media x noise takes over, you may have caught yourself scrolling, wondering exactly who we are + what we’re about.

Each year, we like to do a deep dive into our team, process, mission, and how we not only showcase noteworthy finds, but we actually invite our readers along in the process: testing, vetting, and vouching for the goods that land on the site. Curious? Read on for an overview of Aisle 9 + the team that brings it to life. . .

What is Aisle 9?

Aisle 9 is a digital platform made for women seeking inspiration + curated products to elevate their daily lives. Consider us your virtual BFF when it comes to discovering new + inspiring products x ideas. We love the thrill of the find, and we keep you in mind as we curate items + create content. 

Picking Favourites: How We Source Products

We showcase finds that are affordable — nothing on the site is over $200. We look out for items that elevate your everyday life, whether that’s a beautiful swap for a daily item, or a new use for an old favourite. We love to shine a light on women-owned + minority-owned small businesses as well as brands that are conscientious + charitable, because we realize our dollars have impact. Each product that lands on the site, has been vetted x vouched for, by both our editorial team, as well as our readers.

01 | Attainable

The products we source are always under $200. You can live beautifully on a budget we’re here to help you select innovative essentials that add both value and ease.

02 | Elevate The Everyday

The mundane can and should be delightful. We love sourcing everyday products that have an elevated twist. Think a stunning dust pan or modern bottle opener.

03 | Female-Empowering

Any chance we get to showcase a woman-owned business, product or story we’re on it.

04 | Conscientious + Charitable

We love to shine a light on women-owned + minority-owned small businesses as well as brands that are charitable + conscientious, because we realize our dollars have impact.

When I need a special gift, I head straight to Aisle 9. Practically using the site as a search engine at this point, I know they'll have ideas I haven't thought of yet.
Hannah M, Aisle 9 Reader

Our Team

We are a small, but mighty team comprised of writers, photographers, contributors, and movers and shakers. Our locations x life stages range, from NWA to NYC— from college student to entrepreneurial mother, but our shared purpose remains the same — we are inspired by women, beauty, art, culture, music, nature, travel, and design. . . and are dedicated to connecting you, our readers, to new x noteworthy products.

Curious to learn more about our creative process? We’re taking you behind the scenes on Instagram , showing how a product goes from pitched to published on the site. 

As a writer for Aisle 9, I pitch products I believe in + would recommend to a friend. I love the feeling of finding a new-to-me small brand + sharing it with readers.
Nicole B, Contributor

Real Talk From Real Women

In addition to reviews from our Aisle 9 editorial team, we use real feedback from women like you who try products + share their opinions. We trust you, our reader, to be in-the-know. You care about the products you buy + bring into your home. You know what’s good + good for you. We want you to be a part of the conversation.

Whether it’s product we’re considering for the site, or one we’ve already featured, we love getting our products into the hands of our readers to try out for themselves. When browsing the site, keep an eye out for Real Shopper Interviews — this is where we showcase feedback x interviews with women like you who have tried a product + shared their take. This gives you, the reader, a holistic view of the product — making sure our features are tested, vetted x vouched for before you ever add to cart.

I love the opportunity to bring a product to life + communicate its value through styling and imagery. The excitement of a new product is a great motivator to lean into creativity for any shoot.
Courtney H, Photographer

Have questions for us? Join the conversation over on Instagram this week, where we’ll be sharing behind-the-scenes of our editorial meetings, creative process, and how we tap real women like you to try x test the products that land on the site. . .