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5 Productivity Tips from Aisle 9 Staffers

Whether you’re grinding at a freelance gig, juggling carpool, doing the 9 to 5 thing– or maybe a mix – we know every moment counts in a modern woman’s schedule. 

If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will. 

As a lean editorial team of five at Aisle 9 HQ, we get it.  That said, we spend a lot of time on the clock and want to share some productivity tips our staffers swear by– along with a few must-have office essentials.


As the Editorial Coordinator at Aisle 9, you can find Ella Ruth doing anything + everything from copy editing newsletters, to formatting article layouts, to engaging on social media, to running to the store for the latest product feature. Get to know her.

Ella Ruth’s Productivity Tip: “I try to keep everything neatly placed on my desk so I’m not digging through my bag and getting off track. My chapstick, [lipstick too!] + headphones stay in reach so I can focus on the good stuff.”

01 | Apple Air Pods 02 | Classic ChapStick 03 | Hydro Flask


Patricia is our go-to queen for all things copywriting. As a staff contributor, her primary role is to get free goods in the hands of our readers and interview them about their experience using the items. She also contributes to the site by writing articles around products she’s loving at the moment. Get to know her here. 

Patricia’s Productivity Tip: “One of the best productivity tips I’ve ever received was to take 10 minutes at the end of each day to write a to-do list for the next. It’s so simple, but it lets me clear my head before I go home [so I’m not spending my evenings worrying if there’s something I’ve forgotten] and keeps me focused and on-track during the workday. No more sitting at my desk wondering where to begin or what to tackle next!”

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As our Editor-In-Chief, Anna’s primary role is to drive vision, tone, and editorial direction for the team — to keep a pulse on what’s happening in the world and ensure everything we feature on the site is interesting, current, helpful, and inspiring. Want to learn more about Anna? Check out her feature here.

Anna’s Productivity Tip: “Clearing My Workspace. Having an organized, clutter-free desk helps me avoid distractions + extra stress. When my area is free of unnecessary paperwork, I am able to fully get in the zone and knock my deliverables out.”

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Loving the photography you see on Aisle 9? You can thank Jamie for that. As our staff photographer, she beautifully captures the products + imagery we feature on the site. Want to get to know her? Read up here. 

Jamie’s Productivity Tip: Start working early in the morning — even you, night owls. I’ve found that mornings are best for executing creative ideas and knocking out a to-do list. I give myself brain breaks every 15 minutes to keep the creativity flowing. I typically head to an Instagram account, blog post, or scroll through Pinterest for a few minutes to give my brain some fresh air.”

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Blake is our assistant editor at Aisle 9 – her days are spent planning out content + content strategy, writing new articles for the site, photographing products, designing assets to use across our digital + social platforms, and making sure the team hits deadlines! Get to know her here.

Blake’s Productivity Tip: “Hand-written to-do list! Not only does it guide the priorities for my day, but I love the feeling of crossing each item off, big or small. My approach is to tackle biggest, most important tasks first so even if there are some small items that need to be pushed to the next day, I can leave the office feeling accomplished.”

01 | Moleskine Notebooks [bonus: I love carrying mine in this leather notebook02 | La Croix 03 | Byta Thermos



Productivity is something our team is continually trying to improve upon. We’re always learning from each other and how we can adopt best practices to knock out our to-do list. Let us know your top productivity tips on our latest instagram post — we’d love to hear from you x.