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What To Know About Walmart’s Vision Center

When I’m out running errands (usually with my three and five-year-old in tow) there are two things I prioritize: time and convenience. This usually means that I’m going to plan out ahead of time exactly what we need and how I can go to the least amount of places to get it. But that doesn’t just have to include errands like groceries or craft supplies—it can even include health care. Enter: Walmart’s Vision Center, a.k.a., another easy way for people like me to get all of their errands done in one location.

So yes, it’s great because it’s convenient to pop in to get your eyes checked while also getting a gallon of milk on my way out—but here are some of the other great things that Walmart’s Vision Center offers that you should be taking advantage of. 


Personalized Style

You’ve likely walked past a Vision Center in your local Walmart, but you probably didn’t notice how much variety they have with their glasses—from kids to adults, they have glasses in lots of colors, shapes and sizes so each person can find something that fits his or her individual style. And if you’ve never bought or worn glasses before and are embarking on purchasing your first pair, the Vision Center has this handy list of tips for eyeglass shopping (scroll to the bottom of the page). They give you all kinds of great advice from finding the best style for your face shape to deciding which material you want your frames to be made out of.

Professional Optometric Services

Did you know that most doctors recommend you get your eyes checked every year or two? And as we age, we may have to go even more often than to keep up with our changing vision needs. Walmart’s Vision Center lets you call and schedule an appointment with the on-site optometrist at your convenience: meaning that you can drop in for your eye exam at the same time you’re grabbing groceries (or have scheduled a Grocery Pickup!). And parents! Don’t forget that as we start the new school year that your kids may need a different prescription than they had for previous years. You can schedule their appointment right along with yours and grab their school supplies on the way out.

Stretching Your Dollar

As with everything that Walmart does, they’ve put a heavy focus on making the services and products in the Vision Center affordable. They also offer free store pickup and free shipping on tons of items, so you can order new glasses or contacts from the comfort of your couch without having to worry about a delivery fee!

One-on-One Consultation

Have you ever stood in the medicine aisle and wished a doctor would walk up and just tell you which medicine you need? This can happen when you’re staring at a sea of glasses and solutions wondering where to begin. Walmart’s Vision Center makes it super easy to get one-on-one time with an eye care professional so you can explain your specific needs. They’ll work with you to figure out what products you need (and how to save some $$ along the way). And if you’re not sure which Walmart Vision Center is closest to you, they have an easy-to-use Vision Center locator on their website.

If you still have some questions, you can walk right in to your local Vision Center on your next Walmart run and ask them all about their services (which is exactly what I did!). Anything to make errands a little faster (and a lot more convenient), right?