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We Found Generic Drug Lists for 6 Top Pharmacies [2017 Update]

As allergy season rears its ugly—sneezy?—head, we thought we’d give you an easy way to find out who has your generic allergy medications. So, we put together this quick list of the top pharmacies and their most recent list of generic drugs. If you find a better, more up-to-date list or if we missed your favorite pharmacy, then let us know!


These two lists are totally sketchy because Kroger themselves don’t seem to publish one. Kroger, if you are listening, then please share and we’ll update it here. Here’s the two we found:

Kroger Pharmacy List

Kroger Generic $4 Medications

Rite Aid

They have a healthy list and it seems to be across a wide spectrum of categories. We say seems because it is not formatted, so you have to keep hunting around to find what you are looking for. They should take some cues from Target.

RiteAid Generic Medications


Like most things Target does, this list is the cleanest, easiest to navigate and oozes the Target cool even on generic drugs. The Problem? The most recent one we could hunt down was from May 2011. Even when we searched for 2017! C’mon guys!

Target Generic Medications List


As you might expect, Walmart’s list is in Black & White, but it includes a list of perhaps-not-too-know features at the top, including home delivery. It is clean and clear and easy to read. Best of all? It is current. Updated in January 2017.

Walmart Generic Drug List

CVS Caremark

CVS’s fairly recent—March 2016—list seemed a little brief to us given what an enormous pharmacy they are, especially in urban areas. Perhaps we missed something? Like, there’s not a single generic for allergy season! Not good.

CVS Generic Drug List

On the flip side, they have an incredible guide to generics that shows you all of the generic versions of branded drugs. A+ on this one.

CVS Generic Drug List 2


These guys win the prize for sheer volume of generics available coupled with a clear list that includes a tiered pricing system that is easy to understand. It’s a grey page of data, but we aren’t shopping for shoes here, so lots of info, regularly updated (March 2017!) takes the prize. Well done, Walgreens.

Walgreens Generic Drug List