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How To Help Your Kids Fight Back-To-School Germs

In my days of teaching elementary school, fighting germs and doing all I could to prevent the spread of illness among my 25 kiddos was as important as planning meaningful and fun learning activities. It’s difficult to make up what was missed in an active, collaborative classroom when you’re absent, so having everyone in attendance as much as possible is imperative.  I ran an air filter, wiped down desks and doorknobs, and encouraged kids to cover their coughs. But there are lots of things you can be doing at home to help your kids stay healthy this school year (and trust me, their teacher will thank you!)

Get on the Dream Team

Bedtime routines are super-important. Sleep helps keep your immune system strong and gives your brain time to process and rest.   Be consistent and plan ahead so your super student is getting enough rest to be sharp when the school bell rings!  Let your kid enjoy a bath with Johnson’s Bedtime Moisture Wash every night to calm down and get ready for a good night’s rest.  Have them brush those pearly whites and then use Listerine Smart Rinse Anticavity Fluoride Rinse with their favorite princesses or superheroes on the label to clean places that brushing might miss and offer 12-hour cavity protection!   Read a story or two and give enough time for a calm transition to dreamland.  In the spring when your child’s third-grade baseball coach insists that he must play a game that starts at 9:00 pm, take a stand and help find a solution to that mess, because it’s not good.  You can’t fly with the owls at night and soar with the eagles in the morning!

 Realize the Power of a Band-Aid

When a morning’s not going your kid’s way, one little scratch can really get them down. Keep a stock of Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages imprinted with some of your family’s favorite characters for those moments when a quick cover and a kiss can make all the difference between getting out the door and having a melt-down.  The same goes for your kid’s teacher-they would probably love to receive a contribution of Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages to keep in the classroom for similar situations so the focus can get back on the learning more quickly!  Keep some in your car first-aid kit for use at after-school activities as well.

The Sun’s Still Shining

Even though you’re not at the beach or waterpark, your child will probably be having recess and physical education classes outside.  Keep the sun protection going by applying sunscreen each morning, especially to the tops of ears and noses—and make sure you know what’s what with the sunscreen you’re buying!


Put Up a Clean High Five

Most schools have a plan for allowing kids to wash hands before lunch, but those same kids just might grab the door handles that have been touched by all of the other kids whose fingers have been in their friend’s hair, or their own nose, and maybe even run their hands down the entire length of the heavily-touched tile wall while waiting in the lunch line.  It’s probably a great idea to pack a hand-sanitizing wipe in your student’s lunch box every day, and to write them a fun note telling them to use it before enjoying their food.


 Fix Up Those Scrapes

Treat those minor scrapes, cuts or burns from the playground or Gaga Ball Pit with Neosporin after bath time to fight infection for 24 hours.  This stuff can do its work so much better when those little fingers aren’t touching a nose or mouth, and then the wound!

Check this website for coupons for some of these products—happy disinfecting!