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At Home Workout Videos to Achieve Your Summer Body

Before Kids, I Used to Work Out Regularly

But now, on top of work and being a mom, it’s near impossible to find time to go to the gym (and I hate running – so that’s not an option).

Summer is like 2 minutes away and I’m about to turn 30 (gasp!) so all the feels/reasons why working out is now top of mind!

To aid in this crisis, I’ve carved out space in my home that’s specifically for me and started working out in the morning! I subscribe to a Vimeo Channel that I love! But, have also started exploring YouTube channels and subscribing to workout videos. They are all fun (you can’t get bored), different (so you’re growing and working all types of muscles) and bonus they go by super fast!

Starting my day off like this has added to mental clarity and made me feel and look healthier!

So, to get you started I’ve compiled a list of my top workout channels + the equipment you’ll need to get started! 

bTribal Fit

Brooke at bTribal Fit makes every workout fun and is so encouraging throughout the whole thing! Really, you’ll feel like you’re in the room and she’s talking to/training you. In the most non-creepy way : ) She always brings a different set of friends to workout and I would totally recommend subscribing to this if you’re just getting started! It feels like you’re working out with friends, which is kind of the best.

Follow to bTribal Fits Vimeo Page – It’s $12 a month to subscribe and every month several new videos are uploaded!


I mean, let’s face it POPSUGAR® pretty much does everything right! No matter what type of workout you gravitate towards you can find something on their channel you’ll love!

It’s always upbeat and high energy which makes the workout fly by! They’ll also bring in celebrity trainers to host workouts which is a cool addition!

Follow this to the POPSUGAR® YouTube channel!


Okay, this husband and wife workout duo is probably the cutest thing you’ll see all month. I mean, look at them! I love their workouts because they’ll show you different variations of the workout based on your strength, so you can watch one or the other! I’m a total fan!

Follow this link to the HasFit YouTube® channel.

Fitness Blender

This channel has male and female specific workout videos, which is really nice! They also just do a great job of filming their workout, it’s a little more “sterile,” than the others, but I’ve found it helpful when learning form and technique!

They also have a little pop up showing you approximately how many calories you’ve burned and what’s coming up next in the workout, just so you can mentally prepare.

Here is a link to the Fitness Blender® YouTube Channel.

Equipment List to Get you Started

Here is a quick list of equipment you’ll need to get started, I found this all on® it’s super cost efficient and they have TWO-DAY Shipping now! So, no excuses you can get started ASAP!

  • Dumbbells – So, I prefer the comfy (like my tech term?) as opposed to the metal dumbbells, these range from $1.97 – $9.97 depending on weight!
  • Yoga Mat – Even if you aren’t doing a Yoga workout, often times they’ll ask you grab one for floor exercises. So, good to have one on hand!
  • Stretch Bands – This is a 3-Pack, they each have a different resistance level, I’d recommend having these as an alternative to dumbbells but also so you don’t have to skip a portion of an exercise because you don’t have them.

BONUS: Cute Workout Clothes

So, I wasn’t going to list any of this but…I can’t go to a site and NOT look at clothing, ya know what I mean? Y’all, Walmart® has some seriously cute athletic gear. So, here’s some cute things you can throw in your cart with your equipment 🙂

  • Danskin® Mesh Tank – I find such a difference when I wear a mesh tank instead of cotton, these are a workout staple for me.

So, What are you Waiting for?

Find a video, set your alarm and get out of bed tomorrow before you have to! I promise, you’ll be so glad you did!

You have to start somewhere! And even 20-30 minutes a day is better than nothing– Go get ’em mama!