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9 Products On Our Editors’ Desks // 9 Products We’re Using To Spruce Up Our Desks // 9 Desk Essentials We’re Adding To The Office

Crossing the last days of summer off our calendars x getting settled back into the office, we can’t be the only ones craving a little sprucing up in here. We tapped on our team to see what desk essentials our office has been missing out on, and they came through with some fresh recs for our fix. Whether you’re note taking, plugging in, on the go, or simply looking to make the most of your space, we can pretty much promise your search party stops here. Take a peek at what’s been gracing our desks x hopefully it will inspire what boards yours.

01 | Open Spaces Desk Risers

Borrowed from my kitchen cabinets, these shelf risers moonlight perfectly as desktop risers + bring my work up to eye level so I can sit up a little straighter. 

— Rachel, Contributor

02 | Ember Smart Mug

A new accessory to grace your desk side is this smart coffee mug. It’s like a cuter version of a hot plate that can follow you around while you’re on the job. Not to mention, your old mugs never have to work overtime again to keep your cup of jo at that right temp.

— Nicole, Contributor

03 | Lauren’s All Purpose Salve

Our EIC kindly gifted me this salve last season + it still remains the front-runner on my desk space. When I need a quick self care moment to put some love on my dry lips or grace my palms, it’s been my immediate grab. We’ve featured this little number before, but it still remains a tried x true among our team.

— Claire, Assistant Editor

04 | Unison Waste Can

I don’t encourage tossing out ideas, but if you need to clean up a bit, this basket may do the trick. The bright yellow color makes me happy, and its glossy finish x streamlined design adds a little touch of sunshine to my office space.

— Nicole, Contributor

05 | Chili Flavored Pistachios

Found these in the office snack drawer x they are so good. Felt like a great swap to chips since they had so much flavor, I now keep them deskside for snacktime.

— Blake, Managing Editor

06 | Klizia Retro Stapler

At first glance, I’ll admit I had no idea what this device could be, and that’s because it’s not your average stapler. Punching staples doesn’t usually spark joy, but this retro find will surprise you. It’s stunning, yes. . . but did I mention it can staple up to 16 sheets of paper at a time? A powerhouse some might call it.

— Blake, Managing Editor

07 | Warby Parker Checkered Glasses

A spunky take on the classic wayfarer style, the checkerboard design on these ‘Harris’ frames, has added some spice to my summer lineup. Plus, you can fill your prescription in style. That’s right, these bad boys come customizable to fit your vision.

— Anna, Editor-in-Chief

08 | Maybelline Superstay

Nothing worse than wearing a lip + mid-way through the day, catch yourself in the mirror thinking. . . ‘When did this fade into lip liner?’ This pick actually stays on through meetings, cups of coffee, and even lunch. One less thing to think about during the day!

— Blake, Managing Editor

09 | Desk Fan

This desktop fan is an item I own + use day x night. I first purchased it because it’s cuter than most of the other fans on the market, but when I discovered it could double as my cool-down side kick, I couldn’t get enough. Bonus: it also lights up, which is perfect if you’re working the night shift.

— Keely, Photographer