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9 Wellness Products Our Editors Tried In January

Each month, our team comes together to share the new x noteworthy finds of the season: what we’ve tried, what’s on our radar, and sorting through what readers have sent our way. We even tap on the shoulders of women like you to give these products a go — making sure the recs we bring to the table are tested, vetted, and vouched for.

Want to know what made the cut this month? Thought you’d never ask.

Below, you’ll find the elixir that got us through dry january, our holy grail for delicious x clean dinners, and the noteworthy device saving us time x money when it comes to skincare. We have a full roundup of favourites to stash in your back pocket, so read on below to see the wellness products our editors stand by. . .

01 | GHIA Apéritif

For those of us looking to continue our dry January into an overall scale back on alcohol intake. This elixir is potent, with earthy flavors + botanicals. I personally couldn’t drink it straight, but when mixed with blackberry sparkling water + lemon juice, I was sold.

Blake Chamberlain, Assistant Editor

02 | KOR Poten-C

Sea buckthorn is one of the most concentrated natural sources of vitamin c, so I throw one of these back when i feel i might be coming down with something. A lot of wellness drinks on the market can be hard for me to stomach, but the fresh pineapple juice is the star here. Shoot one and lmk your thoughts?

Anna E. Cottrell, Editor In Chief

03 | Defined Dish Cookbook

*hold my drink* When I tell you I recommend this cookbook to everyone I know… I’m not lying. No matter your experience in the kitchen, this is one you should keep on deck. Delicious, flavorful, clean meals in 30 minutes — so easy and never lacking flavor. Plus, with the amount she’s in my kitchen, author Alex Snodgrass feels like a close friend [highly recommend giving her a follow].

— Ella Ruth Hill, Contributor

04 | Essia Exfoliating + Lifting Wand

This 3-in-1 tool from Vanity Planet safely dislodges clogged pores with just the slightest vibration + it doesn’t stop there. After applying your favorite moisturizer + serum, the moisturizing mode uses the same ultrasonic oscillation to help skin absorb the product more deeply. The grand finale lift mode stimulates, lifts, and tightens the skin leaving it feeling loved x refreshed. Not sure if i’ll ever need to purchase another, more well-rounded facial tool again. Commencing at-home spa now.

— Claire Ward, Contributor

05 | Eight Greens Phyto Masque

Post-facial, I was gifted a sample of this mask, and was blown away at how magically a product [even a tiny sample] could work. This hot mask heats up the skin while on + cools the surface when wiped off. Honestly, I have never had a mask flatten all my breakouts after one use. This organic x natural gem is my newfound skincare must have.

Megan Breckenridge, Editorial Intern

06 | Veggies Made Great

Veggies Made Great is a great option for breakfast, because it’s quick, healthy, and filling. Who doesn’t love eating cake for breakfast? Their muffins are rich and chocolatey, but also wholesome and healthy. Read More. . .

— Krystal, Aisle 9 Reader

07 | Resistance Bands

These little bands can help you get major results.Inexpensive and portable, they can easily slip into your purse or gym bag and can be used for upper + lower body exercises to add resistance without lifting weights. Plus, they come in varying resistance levels [light, medium + heavy]. Bonus: Put them to work with our our Mini Band Workout.

— Nicole Boddington, Contributor

08 | JOYÀ Glow Elixir

I loved using JOYÀ’s Glow Wellness Elixir for turmeric lattes. I also played around and made a face mask with it. I love the packaging + how much product comes in the container.

— Kathleen, Aisle 9 Reader x Ambassador

09 | Bala Bangles

A workout accessory that makes exercise accessible, these sleek + stylish bangles turn everyday tasks into some form of fitness, simply by slipping them over the wrists or ankles.

— Staff Favourite