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Breaking the Cycle

“For most women, every month we’ve unintentionally contributed to a problem on our planet: plastics, specifically the non-recyclable, landfill-bound plastics found in our disposable femcare. Looking for an alternative led us to the Honey Pot Company, the first complete line of feminine care products powered by plants + made for women by women. The organic duo-pack of tampons [regular + heavy] is made from 100% certified organic cotton with a BPA-free bioplastic applicator derived from sugarcane, free from pesticides, chemicals, dyes, dioxins + synthetic materials, hypoallergenic and made with 100% recyclable packaging. Finally, we can feel good about what we are putting into our bodies and where it goes afterwards — taking care of the most natural thing on the planet, naturally, period. ”

Organic Duo-Pack Tampons