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Striking Balance

“Everyday stressors are a natural part of life, challenging us physically, mentally + emotionally. While there’s no magic pill to alleviate stress, there is evidence that adaptogens can support the body’s response to stress hormones. Grown in extreme conditions, adaptogens are super herbs + mushrooms known for their ability to adapt to the world around them. Similarly, they have been shown to work on a cellular level to bring the body into balance. Peak + Valley has wildcrafted + blended these superfoods into elixirs intended to promote overall wellbeing. Our pick is Balance My Stress. How to: Mix a teaspoon of this powerful plant-based powder into a cup of warm nut milk or add it to your morning smoothie to relieve stress, combat fatigue, boost energy x attain inner bliss. We’ll drink to that. ”

Balance My Stress Blend