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Root For Yourself

Kindroot blends active, plant-based ingredients into smooth, silky lozenges called “adaptogems.” Each one – mood, defend, focus, glow + snooze – is formulated with adaptogens, a special class of plants + mushrooms that grow in harsh conditions, literally adapt to their surroundings to grow x thrive. These hard-working herbs help balance the body x combat its negative response to stress. For a little pick-me-up, we like “mood,” which promotes “even-keeled feels” with a mix of reishi + maca in a lychee rosewater flavor. Toss a handful of lozenges in your purse or car for a mood booster on-the-go, or keep a few snooze lozenges in your nightstand to unwrap some quality zzzs for overall well-being.   ”

Kindroot Adaptogems Lozenges