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Going Green

“The fastest way to harness the healing power of plants is to go straight to the source – the green stuff called chlorophyll. It’s been awhile, but grade-school science taught us that chlorophyll is the pigment in plants that gives them their color x helps them absorb sunlight for sustenance. What’s in it for us? Chlorophyll can aid in the removal of toxins + waste in the body [aka detoxification]. Sakara Life, our go-to for plant-based nutrition, has bottled up the good stuff x offering it up in the form of Detox Water Drops. Adding one full dropper of chlorophyllin to a glass of water three times a day can support healthy skin x improve digestion. If you don’t dig the earthy taste, you can also add it to your smoothie, coffee, or even a cocktail [like the Detox Citrus Margarita]. It’s never been easier to go green.   ”

Detox Water Drops [Pack Of 2]