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Align with Nature with Align Probiotic

In Partnership with Align

We talked to Amy from WI about her favorite features of Align Probiotic Whole Food Blend. Here's what she had to say:

GLUTEN-FREE - Why is this important for you or someone you know?
I have a gluten-free diet. When taking supplements it's not something that I immediately think about searching for to see if the item doesn't carry gluten. The fact that this was displayed prominently on the outside of the box was very relieving and will make me look closer at future supplements that I take.
ORGANIC - A natural, premium, non-GMO, whole food blend.
The item is higher in price and to know that it is all organic makes that seem more reasonable. There are no additives and the ingredients are all natural and organic making this a great choice compared to others that make have harmful additives.
OVERALL WELLNESS - How do you feel when you take these?
It is very important when buying vitamins for any health reason that you know what you are buying it for. Not only is this a probiotic but it is also made with high quality ingredients so that you are not putting harmful things in your body. This is a natural way to support a completely healthy digestive system.
NATURAL - No synthetic fillers, artificial flavors or colors.
Along with the ingredients being organic and gluten-free, they are also natural. This doesn't provide any time of man-made creation to make you healthy. It clearly states on the box itself that it is a natural remedy created to aide in your digestive health. It is also in a capsule form which couldn't be easier to take.
“I am so excited to add this simple capsule in my morning routine to help with my digestive health while not comprising an all natural, organic, and gluten free regime that I follow.”

Align Probiotic Whole Food Blend