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De-stress with Stressballs!

In Partnership with Stressballs

We talked to Erin from IN about her favorite features of Stressballs Supplements. Here's what she had to say:

GUMMY VITAMINS - Why do you like gummy vitamins?
I like gummy vitamins because they are a fun twist on taking vitamins and they help me remember to take them.
IMPROVED FOCUS - Daytime specific. Why is this a benefit in your everyday?
Improved focus is a very important benefit to me because my job involves detailed work and requires a lot of focus. Keeping my job depends on productivity as well which is why it is so important for me to focus.
IMPROVED SLEEP- Nighttime specific. Why is this a benefit for you?
Improved sleep is a benefit to me because it allows me to feel refreshed in the morning. When I don't sleep well, my day doesn't start off on the right note.
RELAXES - Nighttime specific. How does this help you prepare to sleep?
I often have a hard time winding down in the evening, so relaxing before bed allows me to sleep better overall.
“Stressballs are extremely useful to adults in today's modern society.”

Stressballs Supplements