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Worth Every Penny

In Partnership with Secret

We talked to Angela from TX about Secret's New Essential Oil Deodorant and here’s what she had to say:

Angela’s Pick
I chose the Secret Essential Oil Deodorant Coconut Oil + Mandarin antiperspirant. On the label, the fact that it contained coconut oil and is paraben and dye-free​ caught my attention.
On The Protection Level
I expected there to not be any rub off onto clothing and to have sweat protection and it did not disappoint. I felt completely protected from visible sweat and body odor.
Her Thoughts On The Essential Oil Scents
I like the fact that if a product is going to have a scent that is essential oils, then it feels more natural. I really like the scent of the Secret Coconut oil & Mandarin. It provided me with a light fresh fragrance without being overwhelming and made me feel pampered.
Why She'd Reach For Secret Essential Oil Deodorant Again
The fact that Secret Essential Oil Deodorant is paraben-free​ makes me a devoted consumer. The oils are natural so you have less exposure to chemical fragrance.
Who knew a deodorant could protect, while simultaneously making you feel pampered?

Secret Essential Oil Deodorant