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The Harder You Work, the Harder it Works

In Partnership with Secret

We talked to Atiya from PA about Secret's New Essential Oil Deodorant and here’s what she had to say:

Atiya’s Pick
I chose the aluminum-free Secret Essential Oil Deodorant because I am concerned with the harm that comes with an antiperspirant. Also, I've made the switch to aluminum-free deodorant years ago, and there's no turning back now.
On The Protection Level
I expected Secret Essential Oil Deodorant to keep me dry and smelling at least halfway decent. I wasn't disappointed. I used this deodorant before going to the gym, and it worked for me.
Her Thoughts On The Essential Oil Scents
The scent is pleasing. Lavender is my favorite scent, and lemon is known to help keep bacteria at bay. This seems like the perfect combination.
Why She'd Reach For Secret Essential Oil Deodorant Again
I love the scent, and I also like how this particular product stays true to Secret's long-lasting promise of not leaving streaks on clothing. I also like that it's aluminum-free and keeps me feeling fresh especially after working hard.
Secret Essential Oil Deodorant smells great, won't stain your clothes and keeps you feeling fresh after a day's work.

Secret Essential Oil Deodorant