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Simple Ingredients Catch My Eye

In Partnership with Secret

We talked to Meghan from AZ about Secret's New Essential Oil Deodorant and here’s what she had to say:

Meghan’s Pick
I chose an aluminum-free​ deodorant because I am trying to use more natural products whenever possible. The first thing I noticed about Secret Essential Oil Deodorant was the unique box. It was visually appealing, and the scent varieties were interesting.
On The Protection Level
I expected Secret Essential Oil Deodorant to cover up body odor and leave me feeling confident. I ran errands today in a hot car and when I got home, I did not feel like I smelled unpleasant. I expect this product will work well for busy days.
Her Thoughts On The Essential Oil Scents
The fact that Secret Essential Oil Deodorant comes in a box made it hard to smell each variety before my purchase. I thought the orange and cedar scent sounded nice, so I gave that one a try. The other varieties sound very appealing to me as well, so I hope to test them out someday. I think essential oils make for great fragrances since they are natural smelling and long-lasting​.
Why She'd Reach For Secret Essential Oil Deodorant Again
I would continue using Secret Essential Oil Deodorant because I always prefer natural scents over anything else. I like to smell like I just came in from a garden. I also love that the ingredient list is simple and the package clearly explains what each ingredient is used for. Fantastic!
If you're looking for a natural deodorant where you know what every ingredient is, and what it does, Secret Essential Oil Deodorant is worth a try.

Secret Essential Oil Deodorant