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Not Your Typical Deodorant

In Partnership with Secret

We talked to Jennifer from SC about Secret's New Essential Oil Deodorant and here’s what she had to say:

Jennifer’s Pick
I choose the Lavender Eucalyptus scent in the antiperspirant. I chose this one because I love lavender and the mix with eucalyptus smelled energizing. The fact that Secret Essential Oil Deodorant had essential oils is what stood out to me.
On The Protection Level
I usually use Secret products, so I was expecting it to work as well as the other products I get. It did not disappoint. I work retail so I do a lot of moving and lifting. I work up a sweat. Secret Essential Oil Deodorant did not disappoint. I felt protected all day and still smelled amazing.
Her Thoughts On The Essential Oil Scents
Secret Essential Oil Deodorant smelled amazing all day. I loved the scent I purchased. The essential oils were​ a definite plus. It was not your typical deodorant smell.
Why She'd Reach For Secret Essential Oil Deodorant Again
The use of essential oils is my favorite thing about Secret Essential Oil Deodorant. I would definitely buy this again for that reason.
The smell and protection of Secret Essential Oil Deodorant does not disappoint.

Secret Essential Oil Deodorant