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Great lotion. Great price.

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We talked to Mary from Overland Park , KS and here’s what she had to say:

Q: How did it leave your skin feeling?
A:  The lotion was very effective the first time I tried it. My hands are very dry and felt great after I applied
Q: What suggestions for application would you want to share with a friend?
A:  I would suggest just one pump of the lotion. It was the perfect amount for my hands and arms.
Q: What is your skin type + how often do you moisturize?
A:  My skin type is very dry. Working at a preschool, I wash my hands a lot and like to moisturize after I wash my hands
Q: What did the smell of Dr. Teals Avocado Body Lotion remind you of?
A:  The scent of the lotion was like an early fresh morning. A very clean and crisp scent.
Q: What makes Dr. Teals Avocado Body Lotion different than lotions you’ve used in the past?
A:  I like that lotion is not to heavy. What is really great is that the scent is not overpowering when you apply.
Q: What did you most like about Dr. Teals Avocado Body Lotion?
A:  I really like the packaging of the product. The product is an excellent value for the price. Also the product is light on your skin.
quote markDr Teal’s lotion is a great value but an even better lotion.

Thank you for your time, Mary ! We love your feedback

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