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Dr Teal's New Body lotion

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Q: Without using the product name, what did the scent remind you of? (1-2 sentences +)
A:  Definitely smells like cocoa
Q: What makes Dr. Teal’s Avocado Body Lotion different than other lotions you have tried? (2-3 sentences +)
A:  Definitely had to be the moisturizing abilities
Q: How does your skin feel after using this product? Was it effective for you? (2-3 sentences +)
A:  Soft and silk
Q: Describe your skin type and how often you moisturize. (1-2 sentences +)
A:  Skin is not so smooth and I moisture rice once a day
Q: What tips or suggestions for application would you like to share with others? (1-2 sentences +)
A:  Only need one pump per application
Q: What did you like the most about this product? (2-3 sentences +)
A:  Great smell and application
This product is awesome. Lasts long after application! Good buy!!!

Dr. Teal's Body Lotion Bottle

Dr. Teal's Avocado Body Lotion

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