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Dr. Teal's Avocado Body Lotion

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We talked to Lynn from Crystal Lake, IL and here’s what they had to say:

Q: What did the smell of Dr. Teals Avocado Body Lotion remind you of?
A:  The scent reminds me of the hydrangeas in my garden.
Q: What suggestions for application would you want to share with a friend?
A:  I would recommend applying this lotion after showering.
Q: What did you most like about Dr. Teals Avocado Body Lotion?
A:  The packaging is appealing and the scent of the lotion is pleasant. The cost of the lotion is reasonable.
Q: What is your skin type + how often do you moisturize?
A:  My moisturizing routine is typically after showering in the morning and just before bed.
Q: What sets Dr. Teals Avocado Body Lotion apart from other lotions you’ve tried?
A:  The difference I found with this product is the weight of the lotion is lighter, and the scent is very appealing.
Q: How did your skin feel after using Dr. Teals Avocado Body Lotion?
A:  I have had dry, itchy skin all winter long, and this product was very effective in relieving my itchy, dry skin. I felt relief immediately.
quote markI like this product, my skin feels wonderful! I would recommend this to my friends.

Dr. Teal's Body Lotion Bottle

Dr. Teal's Avocado Body Lotion

In exchange for their feedback, the author of this article was reimbursed for the product. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect that of the brand.