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Don’t Sweat It: A Round-up Of Natural Deodorants

At Aisle 9, we believe it’s only natural to care about the products you’re using, to know what’s in them + to understand how they work in your body. Deodorant is a hot topic [especially in those warmer months]. It’s something we use every day without thinking about it, but we decided to give it some thought. Is aluminum [found in antiperspirants] bad for us? Should we make the switch to natural deodorant? Does natural deodorant actually work? Which brands work the best [on a budget]? These are some questions we brought to the roundtable. 

Nicole Boddington [Contributor]: It was only recently that I started to think about natural deodorant and making the switch from my Degree MotionSense it has a little runner on the label, so it must work for active people, right? And it does. But, like most deodorants, its #1 ingredient is aluminum chlorohydrate I don’t know what that is, but I don’t like the sound of it.

Ella Ruth [Editorial Coordinator]: Blake raves about natural deodorant… I have yet to try.

Nicole: I’ve tried several Arm & Hammer, Schimdt’s, Malin + Goetz, EO Organic Deodorant spray – and none of them passed the exercise test! I would be in the middle of a workout, sweating, gasping for air and looking around, like, “Somebody smells bad in here. Who is it…?” And it would be me. 

Anna Cottrell [Editor-In-Chief]: I’ve tried Tom’s, and that one is weaksauce. Not passable, except for maybe a Saturday at home. 

Blake [Assistant Editor]: I feel like people complain, because it really is hard to find one that actually works. 

Jamie [Staff Photographer]: I’ve tried Schmidt’s I don’t like the texture. 

Blake: It’s very grainy. 

Nicole: The charcoal + magnesium one smells so good, but I agree, the texture is very hard and grainy. 

Jamie: Not a fan of that. 

Blake: I’ve tried my fair share as well — the only one I’ve found for me that actually works is Thai Crystal. Have you tried it before? 

Jamie: I tried it after you told me about it, Blake. I’ll be honest, I was kind of weirded out at first. But after putting it in water, it went on so smoothly.

Blake: And you don’t smell anything! It’s not scented. Other brands feel like you’re putting it over your smell, and I usually have to reapply multiple times a day. This is once and done + seals in everything.

Anna: Hold up, I’m having a hard time visualizing this. Is it just a crystal found in nature? Is there any science behind why it works? My mind is kinda blown right now. 

Blake: It’s just crystalized mineral salts, which apparently kills odor-causing bacteria. It’s pure — none of the chemicals or perfumes.

Anna: Okay, loving the sound of that.

Ella Ruth: Now I’m sitting here trying to remember if I put on deodorant this morning. I’m pretty sure I did… but now I’m a little paranoid. 

Blake: Listen y’all. It’s only $3- 5. A lot of natural deodorants are so expensive, and I’ve tried so many that don’t work. I will say, though, to switch to any natural deodorant, your armpits have to go through somewhat of a detox. I went through a phase where it was red and irritated as I was trying different ones. Not only was it not masking anything, but it’s uncomfortable your body is detoxing the aluminum from your armpits. Once that phase is over, though, you still have to find the right fit. The Thai Crystal is truly the only one that has really worked for me. 

Nicole: I read that too! That our bodies actually have to detox from regular deodorant which can take up to 30 days. To expedite the process, you can drink a ton of water, work out a lot and take hot baths to sweat out the toxins and bacteria [which cause the funk!], but it still needs to work itself out before natural deodorants will work for you. 

Anna: 30 days feels so long. Jamie, do you relate?

Jamie: I don’t remember the brand I tried when I first detoxed, but it had an apple cider vinegar base with an herbal scent. After a few months, it still wasn’t really working. It went on watery and didn’t dry very well. Now that I use the Thai Crystal, I put some essential oils on it sometimes.

Blake: Ooooh, to get a little scent, that’s smart!

Anna: You can do that directly to skin? Lavender? 

Jamie: I normally wet the crystal and put a drop of oil on there and just put it on. 

Anna: So it’s a little bit diluted from the water, that makes sense. Alright, so what’s the takeaway here?

Jamie: I’m vouching with Blake for the Thai Crystal — it’s a great natural alternative for all the natural ladies. The one I use is available at Walmart, so it’s pretty accessible. I’ve seen it at TJ Maxx, too!

Nicole: Ok, we may have a winner here. I want to try it + report back… but first, a detox.

It’s your turn, ladies! We want to hear your thoughts on natural deodorants. Have you ever tried ’em? What was your experience? Which ones have you loved + which ones have failed you? Add to the conversation on Instagram @aisle9.