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Bite Be Gone

“For as much time as we spend outdoors, it’s only natural that we will encounter pests [think: bees, wasps, mosquitos]. However, we don’t particularly like dousing ourselves in Deet, and there’s only so much citronella can do. In the event that we get bit, we sourced a tool that can nix the irritation. Bite Away is a handheld device that, through heat to the area, works to reduce redness + inflammation, alleviating the itch, and relieving pain. How to use: Simply place the ceramic contact surface on the sting or bite, select the 3 or 5 second setting, and let Bite Away do its work. FDA-cleared x dermatologist-tested, this chemical-free device is a worthy addition to your medicine cabinet [+ next camping trip]. It’ll leave you wondering how you ever managed without. ”

Bite Away