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Delicious Nutrient Packed Shots

In Partnership with Vive Organic

We talked to Anna from FL and here’s what she had to say:

Your take on the flavor?
Out of the 2 available flavors at Whole Foods, I purchase the Original Immunity Boost. Upon first sip, I could taste the earthy turmeric, then the spiciness of ginger, and last I tasted the sweet pineapple. That being said, the flavor was exhilarating and strong, which I enjoyed.
How does Vive Organic fit into your day-to-day?
Vive Organic is perfect for my healthy lifestyle routine. I love to get my vitamins directly from the source, especially when in shot form like this. I would prioritize this immunity boost shot for first thing in the morning so that I know I'm starting my day off with the right nutrients.
The main reason you’re into these Pure Boost shots...
My favorite thing about Vive Organic are knowing the benefits of these superfood ingredients such as ginger, turmeric, and echinacea. I was happy to see that black pepper is in this shot as I know that turmeric is best digested with such. I look forward to trying the other superfood flavor of elderberry.
Why would you share them with a friend?
I would definitely recommend Vive Organic to my health conscious friends and friends that aspire to be healthier. I'm sure that they would love it because of the nutrients and convenient shot form.
Vive Organic is my new go-to for a yummy, convenient, jam-packed nutrient shot!

Vive Organic Pure Boost