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Big Benefit Little Bottle

In Partnership with Vive Organic

We talked to Shayla from CA and here’s what she had to say:

Your take on the flavor?
I got the Vive Organic Immunity Booster and it will wake you up! It's strong but it's so worth it for all of the goodness packed into that little bottle. Its flavor is definitely strong on the ginger, but it's nice.
How does Vive Organic fit into your day-to-day?
Vive Organic fits into my lifestyle perfectly, its easy to either buy one and slurp it down quickly. Or buy a few and have them in my fridge to take on the go for when I need a little something extra in my day.
The main reason you’re into these Pure Boost shots...
I personally love how much good stuff is packed into the little bottle. I love how easy it is to drink the whole bottle and get all of the health benefits without even having to think about it.
Why would you share them with a friend?
I absolutely would and will recommend and offer Vive Organic to my friends! I love to bring one for my friends when I see them and we can take them together like a healthy shot.
Vive Organic is easy to take with amazing benefits.

Vive Organic Pure Boost