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FREE 5×5 Workout: Legs, Heart, Arms, Abs, & Hips

Give this free (& actually fun) 5×5 workout a try!

My upbringing on fitness was very skewed. Despite being involved in sports like gymnastics and University Pom, none of my exercise encounters truly brought me clear reasons for living a healthy lifestyle. In hindsight, I know the importance of having a motivational instructor, teacher, coach, or community that uplifts you in a holistic way. We’ve been given one life, one body, and there can be JOY in our fitness journey—and when you have a community behind you to support you and hold you accountable, your mental perspective on exercise changes from “have to” to  “get to,” and a healthy lifestyle will emerge.

That’s why I created BTRIBALFIT—to form an intentional community surrounding whole body health that leverages a tribe of women (and/or men). The majority of my workouts target the entire body, aiming to train every major muscle group from head to toe. These fitness formats include High-Intensity Interval Training, Circuits, Tabata, Barre, Pilates, etc. Another benefit? My special guests. We introduce fun new faces with each workout and show both low and high strength options, allowing the viewer to see that all levels of athleticism can easily be a part of the workout.

In this video, we’re going to work 5 areas of the body for 5 minutes each: legs, heart, arms, abs and hips/glutes. Who’s ready?!

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