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Banding Together

We banded together with wellness contributor Nicole Boddington for this at-home workout using mini-bands. These little bands can help you get major results. Inexpensive, portable, and can easily slip into your purse or gym bag. They can be used for upper + lower body exercises + add resistance without lifting weights. Plus, they come in a set of three with varying resistance levels [light, medium + heavy]. Put on your best sweat set, turn up your playlist, and get moving with our Mini Band Workout. . . 



How To: Complete each exercise by doing 30 seconds of work + 30 seconds of rest, 5 times through. Repeat as many rounds as you would like, with 1 minute of rest in between each round. 

Total time: 24 minutes


01 | Walking Push-Up Hold

Place a mini-band just above your wrists. From standing position use your arms to walk out to a push-up hold. Check your posture. Keep the body in a straight line, head through heels [think of your body like a diving board]. The head should be in a neutral position, in line with the spine. Wrists should be in line with the shoulders. Hands should be grounded into the floor with all five finger-pads engaged. Now, with the hands, “walk” three paces to the right, then walk three paces to the left. Keep the core engaged; belly tight. [Think of pulling the belly button in towards the spine like you’re trying to button a pair of tight jeans.] Repeat for time. 

Where you should feel it: Abs, core, stabilizer muscles, shoulders, and back.



02 | Glute Bridge

Lie down on your back, and place a mini-band around your legs, just above your ankles, shin height. Take the feet hip width apart. Keep your arms at your sides, palms down. With your weight in your heels, peel the lower half of your body off the floor, lifting and squeezing the glutes at the top. Then, lower down, one vertebra at a time, tapping the booty to the ground, then lifting the hips again. Repeat for time. 

Where you should feel it: Glutes + hamstrings.


03 | Squat Jumps

Standing, place a mini-band around your legs, just above the knees around your quads. Feet should be hip width apart. Lower into a squat with the weight in your heels. Imagine that you are sliding your back down an imaginary wall. Keep the knees externally rotated. Stay with this movement pattern, or add the jump at the top. Lower into the squat, then explode up, landing softly, mid-sole, not on the toes. Repeat for time. 

Where you should feel it: Quads, hamstrings, glutes, and posterior chain.

Bonus: This one gets the heart rate up! Be sure to have a bottle of water handy. . . 



04 | Front Raises

Standing, place a mini-band just above your wrists. Create tension on the band by bringing your hands shoulder width apart. Start with hands at shoulder height, then raise your arms overhead. Lower to the starting position. Don’t drop the arms. Remember to keep constant tension on the band. 

Where you should feel it: Arms, shoulders, lats, and upper back.



05 | Jumping Jacks

Standing, place a mini-band just above the ankle. Perform jumping jacks, pushing through the tension of the band. Modification option: If fatigued, or if experiencing any ankle issues, perform step-outs, stepping one foot out to the right then stepping one foot out to the left. 

Where you should feel it: Total body – and your heart rate should be up there!




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