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Why Drink More

“We've discovered that staying hydrated not only helps to carry oxygen to body cells, it also works in removing toxins from the body, which in English means drinking water could help your immune system. Since learning that 75% of Americans are considered chronically dehydrated, we’ve found carrying a water bottle makes drinking our daily intake of water less of a challenge. Our reco comes from our OG favourites at W&P, who designed a lightweight, reusable glass canteen as a replacement for disposable, plastic or metal bottles. This 20 oz. prize will only need a few refills throughout the day to fill the doctor’s orders. Plus, it gets along really well with W&P’s silicone bottle brush + ice tray. Pro tip: A simple way to calculate the amount of water you should be drinking is to intake at least half your body weight in ounces, daily. Drink up! ”

Porter Bottle