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5 Tips For Travel This Summer

Summer, for most of us, is all about warmer weather, longer days and finally getting to embark on our long-awaited summer travels. Whether you’re a detailed planner, mapping out every detail months in advance — or, a spontaneous traveler [that’s me], we all need tips to help us make the most of vacation days.

Earlier this month, I caught a plane to the west coast to unplug and make my way down highway 1 [with an off route stint in yosemite valley]. I headed out with a few plans in place, but mostly looked forward to seeing new pockets of inspiration. I left feeling refreshed and full of inspiration, just the break I needed.



With our recent trip fresh on my mind, I thought I’d share a few travel tips that helped keep things relaxing while away:

01 | Base Outfit— this tip is especially helpful for me since I lean towards overpacking. As much as I love a look, sometimes it can cut into precious travel time [and luggage space]. That’s why I like to have one ‘base outfit’ that I know I feel good in but can also rush out the door quickly, ready for the days activities. For me, it’s a pair of high waisted black denim, a white button up, a cozy black crewneck sweater, and a sneaker — all piled with my gold everyday jewelry.

02 | Loose Structure— sometimes, we can get so caught up in our own itinerary that we miss out on the beauty of spontaneous life moments in travel. My approach is to have one must-have planned item a day and leaving the rest open to exploring and seeing where the city [or a local recommendation] takes us. That way, you still make sure to hit the places you don’t want to miss, but are able to make unexpected memories and see places you may have otherwise missed out on.

03 | Bring It Home— I always love taking a piece of a city back home with me. Whether it be a print from a local shop or a book from a museum exhibition we stopped into– having a piece you can incorporate into your daily life back home not only helps you remember the experience, but also makes a great conversation piece with friends. My tradition? Picking up the museum exhibit book book for the coffee table at home. I get to pass it every day and remember what I experienced and friends ask about it, too. 

04 | Keep The Hat On— Ever struggle with packing those big statement pieces like structured hats? My advice? Don’t. Wear it on your travel days instead. Free up space in your suitcase and elevate your travel wardrobe.

05 | Hotel Tonight — if you’re not afraid of last-minute bookings, this little app is the perfect money-saver for your overnight accommodations. This online travel app rewards you for waiting until the last minute to book — offering steep discounts at hotels you love.


01 | New York Times Subscriptionwe did the crossword on the flight black home and it was so fun. Hadn’t done that in years.

02 | United Explorer Mileage Plus Card – I’ve had a dumb credit card for years that didn’t offer any cool rewards.  I’ve recently gotten this card and it has a ton of fun mileage perks without blackout dates, that are going to help make travel feasible!

03 | Tilamook Snackable Cheese – They’re offered in snacking portions, so we kept some on hand as a car snack with some apples and it hit the spot!