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The 7 Mini Toiletries You Need for Spring Break

I very nerdily look forward to buying miniature travel toiletries whenever we get ready to leave town. I think this is twofold for me, one they are adorable [mini things are always cute], two, the basket travel section is so perfectly laid out and organized at Walmart that I think it’s calming to my OCD [real talk] personality. So, to prep you for Spring Break — here are my go-to’s and the items I always stock up on!

Tresemme Hairspray

1.5 ounces of pure bliss. I actually buy this product on the reg, it’s hands down the best drugstore hairspray on the market! I feel incomplete without hairspray – maybe it’s a part of me being born in the 80s. So, can’t leave home without this bad boy.

Tresemme Shampoo and Conditioner

Alright, unlike the Tresemme® Hairspray I don’t buy this shampoo and conditioner for my daily routine. However, I look forward to giving my hair a break and changing it up when I travel with this set. It doesn’t dry out my hair like a lot of drug store brands will, it leaves it super soft and silky. I had jumped around for a while trying different travel sizes and was always disappointed. So, congrats you two, you’ve made the cut!

Johnson & Johnson | Take Along Pack

The first time we traveled with our daughter I bought this little kit on a whim, it was only $4 at Walmart, so felt like I couldn’t lose. We were gone for a week and it lasted for another week long trip later that year! The best investment.  It was so nice to not have to think about packing any of her toiletries, I could just throw that box in her bag and we were good to go! [The only thing that I packed separately for the second trip was the Desitin cream — but you can also find this in a smaller size for trips, which I’d recommend].

Dial Body Wash in Clean & Refresh

So, I have a confession. I hate body wash. I kind of always have, it just makes me feel slimy, not clean, ya know?  Am I alone there? So, I’m a bar soap kind of girl. Here’s the problem, traveling with a bar of soap sounds disgusting. So, when I found this Dial soap, it was like a travel dream-come-true, like a bar of soap in liquid form.

Dove | Men + Care Shampoo in Fresh & Clean

So, early on in marriage, my husband and I got in an argument because I found out he was using my salon shampoo, the expensive stuff! So, I’ve learned, buy his or he’ll use mine. Same goes for when we travel.

Travel Q-tips

There is nothing worse than getting to a hotel and it not having complimentary Q-tips – so you’re taking the corner of the washcloth and trying to twist it to shove into your ear. Don’t tell me you haven’t been there. Now, I buy this when we leave town – and the little box it comes in is practical and easy to pack!

Jergens Intensive Care Lotion

If the words Intensive Care are in it, you can’t go wrong. I throw this in my purse whenever we leave town – you just always have to have a good lotion with you! And the Jergens brand is a staple in our house!