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Keep Your Cadence

“When traveling, oftentimes routine is the first to go out the window [can you relate?]. Whether it’s applying sunscreen every morning or serum at night, your daily products play a huge part in your routine. Cadence, a female-founded travel brand, has created a new way to tote your daily goods on the go. Their unique capsules provide a sustainable, magnetic container for sorting your dailies [think: supplements, shampoo, jewelry, and the rest of your toiletries + skincare staples]. Not only can each one hold up to multiple days' worth of product, but it can be snapped together with other capsules to build a system [coined a 'honeycomb'] that’s completely customizable to you. Plus, with no right angles, you can easily scoop out every last drop. Fill it up with the stuff that makes you feel good x keep your cadence wherever you go. ”

Icon-ic Bundle [6 Capsules]