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5 Date Night Spots in Bentonville

It’s no secret that Bentonville has upped it’s game in the past few years. The small Arkansas town once known for only one thing [cough-Walmart-cough] now boasts some of the most visited spots in Arkansas. Whether it’s a first date, or the thousandth, here are 5 places we think you should put on your list for your next date night.



Preacher’s Son

Arguably one of the coolest spots for a restaurant, the Preacher’s Son operates out of a renovated historic church in downtown Bentonville. With a beautiful atmosphere, delicious food [with many gluten-free options, I might add] and the fun quirks of being in an old building. Renowned artist George Dombek was the master behind the custom bird stained glass, which in itself is worth the visit.  The Preacher’s son makes for a great place to enjoy the classic date of dinner + a drink.

Insider tip: Preacher’s Son has nearly 50 different types of wines and a newly opened rooftop patio. Need I say more? | Location



Compton Gardens + Crystal Bridges Trails

A nice dinner and a drink isn’t for everyone, and sometimes date night is more like date morning or afternoon, right? While most have visited Crystal Bridges once [or multiple times], you might not know that the museum grounds hold a variety of different trails and paths with beautiful views, trees, and gardens. And just west of the museum is Compton gardens – a lush area with beautiful landscapes and flowers. A wonderful way to enjoy the great outdoors without driving miles to do so.

Insider tip: check out James Turrell’s Skypace — a really special piece of sculpture off the main trail.



21c Hotel

Instead of asking what’s in 21C, a better question might be what isn’t. The hotel houses a delicious restaurant called The Hive, and doubles as a contemporary art museum with several exhibitions popping up throughout the year. 21C has a wonderfully modern and relaxed feel and atmosphere– even if you’re not staying the night, it makes for a fun-filled evening. Plus, remember those trails we mentioned earlier? You can access those in minutes from the hotel.

Insider tip: Try the fries. They’re covered in honey. | Location



8th Street Market

Bentonville’s 8th Street Market is quickly becoming the go-to food hub of Northwest Arkansas. Besides housing the culinary school Brightwater, there are currently 3 incredible spots [and more on the way]:

Yeyo’s Mexican Grill: The local-legend food truck recently opened brick and mortar is fun, delicious, and authentic. According to owner + head chef Rafael Rios: Yeyos’ mission is to transport you to the Bohemian streets of old Mexico, sharing his tradition with “great pride” and using freshest produce grown locally at the Rios Family Farm.

Markham & Fitz: This dessert bar and chocolate factory serves a variety of different craft chocolate desserts, pasties, and cocktails. Recently featured in USA Today as one of the top craft chocolate makers in the country, M&F will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about chocolate. Go during the day and you might get to see them work their magic in the factory as well.

Bike Rack Brewery: Besides having delicious, locally brewed beer, Bike Rack also frequently holds concerts on their outdoor patio as well as fun events like corn-hole tournaments and adult spelling bee’s. A fun place to spend an evening.

For those going “all out”: Hit all three. Dinner at Yeyos, Dessert at M&F, and Drinks at Bike Rack. You won’t regret it. | Location



Skylight Cinema

Ok — hold up. Stay with us. We know movie going is about as generic of a date night as you can get, but we feel like Skylight is on a whole new level. Located in downtown Bentoville, this cinema is all class. Fine dining, recliner seats, and showings of both Hollywood and independent films — all at once. | Location