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PRODUCT: Social Club Hard Seltzer


We asked real women like you to try Social Club Hard Seltzer. Here’s what they thought:

Kaitlen's thoughts on the taste. . .
I went straight for the Citrus Gimlet flavor. It is a hot day, and I want a crisp, refreshing beverage. This is so incredibly smooth, light, bubbly and 7% ABV? Dreams do come true! No sugary, artificial sweetener taste; it really tastes like a clean beverage. I cannot wait to try the other flavors... how soon can I pop into those?!
-Kaitlen, WA
Why Denice would share Social Club Hard Seltzer with a friend. . .
I would definitely recommend Social Club Hard Seltzer to everyone I know. You can't argue with the classics. I think it is such a great idea to have these classy drinks in a can, plus it's something you don't see everyday.
-Denice, CA

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