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PRODUCT: Snuggle Scent Shakes
FOUND AT: Walmart
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We asked real women like you to try Snuggle Scent Shakes. Here’s what they thought:

What did you think of the smell of Snuggle Scent Shakes?
The Snuggle Scent Shakes are a life saver as a boymom! With 4 athletic boys in the house, you can only imagine the variety of scents we face everyday. The Snuggle Scent Shakers add just enough fresh fragrance to the laundry without being overwhelming. The Original has odor eliminating technology perfect for when our toddler has an accident. The Blue Sparkle has been perfect for our towels and bedding, keeping everything fresh smelling in both the linen closet and the bathrooms!
-Miah, AZ
How did they shake up your laundry routine?
It makes your entire laundry routine not stink so badly! It smells like I'm laying in a field of wildflowers in the sun. I love how the smell stays with the laundry instead of how you never are able to smell the laundry detergent afterwards on items.
-Ashley, LA