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PRODUCT: RIND Dried Fruit Snacks


We asked real women like you to try RIND Dried Fruit Snacks. Here’s what they thought:

When they’d fit into her day-to-day . . .
I could see myself enjoying this snack again at breakfast, during my commute, or when I'm traveling and want to eat a healthy, nutritious snack. These snacks would make it easier and more convenient to eat healthy servings of fruit!
-Joanna, NC
Her take on the nutritional benefits . . .
RIND Dried Fruit Snacks have gone out of their way to offer an exceptional product. They use the entire fruit skin without compromising the taste. This allows all the vitamins and antioxidants to stay intact, including the extra fiber needed to balance the natural sugar. Just as Mother Nature intended.
-Tarianne, FL