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PRODUCT: Minute Ready to Serve Rice
FOUND AT: Walmart
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We asked real women like you to try Minute Ready to Serve Rice. Here’s what they thought:

Tell us about the flavor of Minute Ready To Serve Rice, and what you would serve it with.
I would serve Minute Ready To Serve Cilantro Lime as a side to any Mexican dish, especially carne asada! Because the rice has a refreshing bright citrus lime taste to it, I know it would perfectly complement any citrus-marinated main dish.
-Rachel, AZ
Why would you keep Minute Ready To Serve Rice on-hand?
This product is going to significantly speed up the meal prep process for lunch or easy to make after a long day for dinner. The Minute Ready To Serve Cilantro Lime is versatile and can be used in dozens of ways.
-Nancy, TX