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Edible Slime In Record Time!

In Partnership with Jell-O

We talked to Jessica from FL and here’s what she had to say:

Jessica’s Top Family-Friendly Summer Activities
My favorite summer activities with my family include swimming, cookouts, going to the park for playing and picnics! Anything to get us out of the house and enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Also, crafting and being creative is on the list for the rainy days!
Her Experience Prepping Jell-O Slime
I was impressed with how simple and easy it was to make the Jell-O Slime! I was very happy that it only called for water. That is clearly something everyone always has on hand so it makes it a seamless process. The Jell-O Slime came together very fast and it provided instant gratification.
Jell-O Slime Through her Kiddo’s Eyes
Playing with the Jell-O Slime was a bit messy. It definitely stuck to ours hands more than traditional slime. We mostly just enjoyed squeezing it through our hands and letting it ooze through our hands.
When They Plan To Slime Next
I think Jell-O Slime would be a perfect rainy day project! It's something that would keep the kids busy and entertained for a while. I also like Jell-O Slime is edible so I don't have to worry about the younger kids ingesting something that will make them sick or is dangerous.
Jell-O Slime is a fun and easy activity for little kids and big ones too!

Jell-O Play Slime Making Kit