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Parents Who Said ‘YES’ and Never Looked Back

Saying “yes” to your kids isn’t always easy. But these moms did it and never looked back!

“We allowed our youngest daughter to research and save up her own money to build her own gaming computer when she was 13. She still has it and will be 15 in November. My husband and I aren’t wired like her, so even though we couldn’t understand why (or even what) she wanted to do this, we let her!”

“One day when I asked my kids what they wanted for dinner, they said “ice cream.” I said, “Go get my bag and my keys. Let’s go.” They were shocked and thought it was the coolest thing ever. It was so small but sometimes saying yes seems so big. Zero regrets. I got ice cream for dinner, too!”

“My daughter hates when I travel without her (always for work). Last year I had a conference in D.C. and when she heard me mention something about it to my husband, she butted in the conversation and asked if she could go. Without overthinking it (which is typical for me) I said yes. I just felt like it sucked how much I had to say no to her in terms of my travel and I knew I could figure it out to take her to D.C. It ended up being an amazing experience for us both. She still talks about the trip and it definitely sparked an interest in citizenship and politics for her, which is awesome. I am crossing my fingers that for the next trip I take to southern Africa, I can surprise her with a passport to join me.”

“I always have one or two YES days in the summer. They don’t know that yet but I say yes to all of the things I normally say no to. It was always fun to know I was going to do that and see where the day took us!”

“At my son’s day care there is a couch in the lobby. Every day that I have picked him up for the past several months, he’ll grab one of the bags of snacks they have sitting out, crawl up on the couch and pat for me to sit next to him. We sit there for 3-5 minutes and he shares his snack with me. Sometimes we read a short book. Sometimes he points at things and says what they are. Sometimes he runs back and forth between the chair and the couch. And sometimes we just sit together and watch. I love it because it is his way of sharing day care with me. It’s his way of ending one part of his day and starting a new part, all while being present with me. And I do it even on days we’re in a big hurry, because I know one day he will pat his sweet little hand on that couch for the last time.”

“My parents let me go to Japan alone when I was 11 to visit my cousins. The only condition was i had to call the airline, do all the research and figure out how to get there. Then BOOM—I got to go! It was a great lesson in how to plan and travel!”

“I’m a big “yes mom” — I let my kids make a giant room-sized spider web out of tape. I let them do a complete demolition on a computer (which turned out to be a lot messier than I thought it would be…). We encouraged our daughter to get her nose pierced at 17 — I took her and paid for it and took photos the entire time! It all boils down to me being a “pick your battles” kind of mom. If a roll of tape keeps them happy for a few hours, does it really hurt to let them string it up all over their room? Am I really going to “win” if I refuse to let my daughter pierce her nose? What major harm is it doing?  I want my kids to feel empowered and trusted, so I only say no to the stuff that really matters.”

Don’t worry, you don’t have to say yes to everything your kids ask to do — but you should say yes to the things that matter. Say yes to creativity, to dreaming, to experimenting, and to living a well-rounded life. And find things that you both love that make saying “yes” easy–like Capri Sun. Yes, the Capri Sun you remember.

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