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How To Organize Your Nursery For Maximum Efficiency

With a little over a month left until our new baby arrives, I am knee-deep in nesting mode over here, people. As in, I just washed my shower curtains in all the bathrooms… Send help. I have channeled some of this crazy nesting into finding ways to organize the nursery so that things can run as smoothly as possible when little guy makes his entrance next month. I had some systems in place with baby one that worked, but we have moved into a new space since then, and with that comes a need for some new organization, too. Here are my tried-and-true tips for getting an organized nursery:

Make The Most of Your Changing Table Storage

I’ve found one of the best ways to organize the top drawer of the changing table is to use shallow Rubbermaid containers with snap on lids. With my daughter, I used one for bows, one for creams and diaper changing items, and one for things like nail clippers, the thermometer, Nose Frida—the things you need almost daily. I put the lids under the boxes in the drawer for daily use, but I liked having the lids as an option for traveling. I could just snap the lids on and throw them in the bag, and have everything I use at home in one spot.

I have since transitioned these handy sized containers into toy holders in her room, and they are perfect to hold and organize all those tiny toys and pieces that need a home. Make sure to measure out the right size container so there is no wasted space in that drawer, add in your diapers and wipes and you’ll have everything you need at arms reach!

Keep The Closet Clean

I also leave a big Rubbermaid tub on the floor in the closet. If there is something that doesn’t fit, it immediately gets tossed in the tub. This saves you from ever having to do the emotional closet cleanout where you pack up and cry over every tiny, precious newborn thing they’ve grown out of. Once a tub is full, it goes into the attic, and I buy a new one to fill up. I even write on the outside of the tub what size and season the clothes are I am able to find exactly the tubs I need as I search for specific things for baby two.

Invest In Mobile Shelves

Another organizing necessity for us is a rolling cart. I have it next to the rocker, and the three shelves and wheels give it SO many uses. For this baby, it’s holding tiny baby toys that I will want at eye level for when he starts crawling around, a few board books to have right next to the rocker, and the top shelf is reserved for middle of the night mama duty-I keep my book, iPad, a couple burp cloths, headphones and a spare phone charger there. I am all about items that can grow with baby, too. I have big plans for this cart to be turned into a mobile art cart when the kids are grown!

Declutter Regularly

A major part of organizing a nursery to me is decluttering regularly. Clean out and donate toys that aren’t getting played with, toss the broken ones with missing pieces. Store big items like playmats and jumpers as they’re done being used. My parents gifted our daughter a memory box that fits perfectly up on the top shelf of her closet when she was born.  I have loved having that box to add things to as we go—a newspaper from the day she was born, a couple favorite baby outfits, homemade artwork. It’s a great way to hold onto things I just can’t part with without cluttering up the room. Make the space cozy for them, but leave plenty of room and blank space for playing and to add personality to it as they grow.

At the end of the day, only you know what systems will work best for you and your family. Find what works for your space and your needs, and get to nesting! Arrange and rearrange until you get in your groove with the nursery and find the most practical ways to simplify, organize and arrange the room.