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Hydrating And Simple!

In Partnership with Gerber®

We talked to Caitlin from CO and here’s what she had to say:

First impression of Gerber Fruit Infused Waters?
The first thing that caught my eye about the Gerber Organic Strawberry Fruit Infused Water is the name. It's not a juice, which I love, but it also has a bit of fruit flavor, which entices babies to drink more water. I had no expectations for this product and was eager to try something new.
Which flavor did you go for?
I picked the strawberry flavor. My son was interested in it but didn't quite know what to think. He seemed to like it after the initial curious reaction.
As a parent, what do you like about the ingredients?
I like that the ingredients are plain and simple with no added fillers. It's really just filtered water with a little bit of strawberries in it for flavor.
How will Fruit Infused Waters fit into your babe’s everyday?
I can definitely see the Gerber Organic Fruit Infused Water being useful in our home. I make a lot of our own baby food purees and this water would be a great addition to that. We don't drink juice, but I'm open to fruit infused water for a refreshing treat.
Gerber Organic Fruit Infused Strawberry Water is a refreshing treat!

Gerber Organic Fruit Infused Water