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Tasty, Kid- And Parent-Approved Approach To Keeping Them Happy And Hydrated!

In Partnership with Creative Roots

We talked to Shelby from IN and here’s what she had to say:

How’d your little one like Creative Roots?
My kids are 4 and 1, they are both always thirsty. When trying this they both kept wanting to drink it! My daughter loves fruits and was so excited to have water that tastes like orange and pineapple! She said it was so tasty, and my son very clearly liked it as well!
What are your thoughts on the nutritional benefits?
I love that, to my kids this tastes like a juice or Kool-Aid without all the sugar! I am diabetic, so I pay attention to carbs and nutrition labels, and I am very impressed with this drink! My kids want to just drink one after another of these, and for kids that don't want to drink water often, that is a miracle!
Tell us your favorite thing about Creative Roots...
I really like the fact that I can feel good about giving these to my children as an alternative for other drinks. They are quick and easy to grab and take anywhere, and there is a good amount in each bottle. I also love the fact that it is made with coconut water; we are big fans already!
Why it’s a must-have for other parents?
This drink tastes great [I tried some too] and has next to no carbs and no added sugar! It is so convenient to have these on hand to grab whenever! I also feel like these will stand up even with the pickiest of kids, while giving them hydration they need!
I love Creative Roots, and so do my little ones; this product is a home run for us!

Creative Roots Flavored Coconut Water