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Roots Refresh You!

In Partnership with Creative Roots

We talked to Katie from KY and here’s what she had to say:

How’d your little one like Creative Roots?
I chose the watermelon lemonade. It wasn't his favorite flavor but I think mixed with another lemonade he will love it! I love that there are no preservatives in the product!
What are your thoughts on the nutritional benefits?
As a mom, quality is better than taste and this product offers a natural and refreshing beverage over the typical sugar-laden flavored drinks.
Tell us your favorite thing about Creative Roots...
My favorite thing about Creative Roots is that the product has no preservatives! It is a clean product to feed my child.
Why it’s a must-have for other parents?
I would recommend that other parents feed Creative Roots to their kids because it is a drink that has no unnatural products in it. It tastes great and is a refreshing beverage choice.
Creative Roots is a great product to give your kids for a refreshing beverage.

Creative Roots Flavored Coconut Water