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Mom And Kid Approved Hydration

In Partnership with Creative Roots

We talked to Jamie from KY and here’s what she had to say:

How’d your little one like Creative Roots?
I chose the Orange Pineapple. My kids really liked it! They said it's sweet but not too sweet.
What are your thoughts on the nutritional benefits?
So nice to have a flavored drink with only 1 gram of sugar and no fake sugar! I don't want my kids to have too much sugar, but I also don't want their bodies full of chemicals. It makes keeping my kids hydrated easier because they would much rather have something flavored as opposed to just plain water.
Tell us your favorite thing about Creative Roots...
I like having a drink that they enjoy that I don't have to limit their intake. All of the flavor options sounded really good. I also like how they are small and easy to throw in a backpack or a lunchbox.
Why it’s a must-have for other parents?
I feel like hydration is really important with kids. My kids definitely could use some improvement with their water intake, especially in the summer when they are so active. I feel like all parents should give this a try!
This is a great low sugar option that I don't feel guilty about giving to my kids.

Creative Roots Flavored Coconut Water