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Hydration Breakthrough For Kids

In Partnership with Creative Roots

We talked to Bonnie from MI and here’s what she had to say:

How’d your little one like Creative Roots?
I chose the Peach Mango Creative Roots flavor. He smiled when he took his first sip and said that he really liked it. He told me that he thought the taste was a nice level of sweetness with the water and was happy to finish it! He especially liked the fact that it wasn't carbonated.
What are your thoughts on the nutritional benefits?
I was incredibly impressed with the nutritional values of Creative Roots! The fact that it has so little sugar and has so few calories but yet tastes so good to my child was phenomenal! I can encourage him to drink more Creative Roots because it's appealing without guilt about the sugar!
Tell us your favorite thing about Creative Roots...
Creative Roots is in a nice size container for my child. The bottle is attractive without being overly bright. Hydration without excessive sugar? Yes, please!
Why it’s a must-have for other parents?
Other parents should give Creative Roots a try for their kids! A slightly sweet water drink without carbonation is such a help in keeping kids hydrated!
My son couldn't get enough of the slightly sweet non-carbonated peach mango Creative Roots flavor!

Creative Roots Flavored Coconut Water