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Brainiac Kids Yogurt Is A No Brainer For Parents!

In Partnership with Brainiac Kids

We talked to Stephanie from TX and here’s what she had to say:

What Stephanie’s Kiddo Thought of Brainiac Kids Yogurt
I bought Strawberry Brainiac Kids Yogurt and my youngest loved it! She said it tasted like strawberry and she would definitely drink another one- high praise from a 5 year old! I love that it's low in sugar and high in nutrients- and that my kids will actually drink it!
How she’ll Work Brain Food Into her Kid’s Day-To-Day
I would offer this at breakfast alongside a piece of fruit. It would keep them full and focused for the morning ahead. I would also tell them that it has all kinds of vitamins to fuel their growing bodies and brains.
What her Kiddo Wants To Try Next
My girls want to try Strawberry Banana next because strawberry is their favorite fruit flavor! Plus they love anything pink.
Parent’s Take: Stephanie On Brainiac Kids Yogurt
I love the concept of this product. Yogurt is something enjoyable to most kids, making it easy to beef up with vitamins and nutrients. Plus I'm always looking for ways to add more healthy ingredients to my kids food. These are a no-brainer!
Brainiac Kids Yogurt is an easy way to give my girls the vitamins and nutrients they need to stay focused during the school stay while supporting brain growth and health!

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