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Another Tool in the Chest

In Partnership with Brainiac Kids

We talked to Kim from OK and here’s what she had to say:

What Kim’s Kiddo Thought of Brainiac Kids Yogurt
I got the Strawberry Yogurt Tubes for my son. He said they were pretty good, which for him is high praise. I told him it was good for his brain and he said , "It's good for my brain? That's good."
How she’ll Work Brain Food Into her Kid’s Day-To-Day
My son is a snacker. We keep a lot of apple sauce around, but he enjoys yogurt, as well. It's just usually a little inconvenient. I love the yogurt tubes for a quick snack.
What her Kiddo Wants To Try Next
My son likes the tubes, so we would definitely get some more of those. Mixed Berry sounds great, and I'm sure he would love them.
Parent’s Take: Kim On Brainiac Kids Yogurt
As a child that is just starting to really rigorously learn new things every day and whose brain is still developing, we try to do everything we can to help him along. Eating brain-healthy foods is just one more thing we can do, so I'm on board.
At this stage in brain development, kids need all the help they can get and these Brainiac Yogurts are another tool in the chest.

Brainiac Kids Yogurts