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Instant Nutrition

In Partnership with Gerber®

We talked to Katelynn from UT and here’s what she had to say:

Katelynn's Pouch Pick
I chose the fruit, yogurt, peaches and cream Gerber Pouch. I chose this flavor because my baby loves smoothies and this is similar to a smoothie for her. I thought she would enjoy this.
Her Take On The Ingredients
Keeping my baby healthy is very important. I love that Gerber chooses simple and nutritious ingredients in their products.
Why Gerber Pouches Are Great On The Go
As a single mom, or just a mom in general, I'm always on the go. It's great to have healthy snacks to open and hand over to my kids for instant gratification.
Why Katelynn Would Recommend Them
The best thing about Gerber Pouches is the combination of convenience and nutrition! You cannot beat a nutritious snack that is instant!
Gerber Pouches are fabulous for easy, on-the-go nutrition.