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I Use Soothe 'N' Chew, And So Should You

In Partnership with Gerber®

We talked to Brandi from MI and here’s what she had to say:

Why Brandi Is Excited About Soothe ‘N’ Chew
As a parent, I was most excited about Soothe 'N' Chew for the long lasting soothe, while also keeping my baby interested because of the flavor. It was exciting to have a teething product that wasn't just a chew toy but actually a snack.
How Teething Has Been For Her Babe
It has been hard for me to find a long-lasting solution that keeps my baby interested. It has been hard for my baby to find relief while teething. It is important for me to find products that help so my baby isn't fussy.
How These Teething Sticks Helped Her Little One
Soothe 'N' Chew helped my baby because not only did it offer relief from the discomfort of teething, but it also seemed to distract her from focusing on her discomfort with teething. It lasted a long time and my baby was able to use it really well. It was nice for her to be able to come back to it several times.
Why Brandi Believes In Gerber Goodness
I trust Gerber because the are a well-know reputable company who use the best ingredients for your babies. They always use real fruits and veggies and don't add a bunch of artificial flavors or colors. They are invested in the well-being of your child.
Soothe 'N' Chew is a must have for your teething baby!