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Every Little Chomping Champ Needs This Product!

In Partnership with Gerber®

We talked to Heidi from FL and here’s what she had to say:

Why Heidi Is Excited About Soothe ‘N’ Chew
I was excited to try the Soothe 'N' Chew for my child because of the flavor and the shape of the design. I also noticed that it would be a long-lasting snack that would improve his feeding skills overall.
How Teething Has Been For Her Babe
The teething phase has been really rough. He has been working on all four molars at the exact same time. Sometimes he just doesn't want to eat and this Soothe 'N' Chew will give them a little bit of flavor but not a whole lot of food in his belly.
How These Teething Sticks Helped Her Little One
This Soothe 'N' Chew was long-lasting for my son. He would put it down and pick it up a little while later. It easily lasted all day long and he could use it as his discretion.
Why Heidi Believes In Gerber Goodness
I remember my grandmother talking about the Gerber brand when I was a young child. It has been around for many, many years and I have known tons of people that love this brand. They are geared towards giving children only the best!
The Soothe 'N' Chew really helped to soothe my little chomper while he was breaking in his new teeth.