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Capri Sun is Here and Better Than When We Were Kids

Every school night in elementary school my best friend and I would talk on the phone to discuss two orders of business; 1. what to wear the next day 2. deciding if we were buying our lunches or packing them.  She was my best friend + we wanted to match in everything we did:

“You’re wearing a purple shirt? Okay, I have a purple shirt, too.”

“Are you wearing a vest? Good idea. Me too.”

“How about we pack our lunches tomorrow?” “Deal!”

Every. Single. Night.

My mom was the queen of the packed lunch, and it always included one thing– Capri Sun. If we had Fruit Punch in the house, I felt like the top dog. Matching with my BFF? Check. A delicious packed lunch? Check. Fruit Punch? CHECK!

In the summer my mom would put Capri Suns in the freezer and cut the top off, for an icy cold, delicious snack to eat with a spoon.  I love that Capri Sun is still around and brightening lunch boxes everywhere. Now that I’m a mom of my own, I understand how challenging it can be to find high quality drinks to serve my kids.  Walking through the grocery can feel like an abundance of “no-no-no” around every corner, since there are so many sugary products on the shelves.  

Dear Moms, Capri Sun is something we can finally say YES to and feel great about packing in our kids’ lunches because they’re made with good ingredients.


  • No high fructose corn syrup. This is key for me personally, as we try to avoid processed food. HFCS is more than 50% fructose, which in itself isn’t terrible [fruit and other natural foods contain fructose].  The problem is that our bodies weren’t created to consume such high concentrations of fructose, and the body converts extra fructose to fat.  When your body doesn’t need all that fat, well, it just sticks around– you can learn more here.


  • They have an organic line of Capri Sun that has no added sugar and is perfect for younger kids around ages 3-6. I love seeing organic become more “mainstream” and less of an oddity. Eating organic produce has a variety of benefits, but the most obvious one is the avoidance of chemicals. Traditional produce can be treated with all sorts of crazy chemicals, but organic produce has much higher standards for the kind of pesticides that can be used. Also, organic produce has higher nutrient density (fewer pesticides also means healthier soil) and simply put: Organic tastes better. (You can read more about organic vs conventional food here.)


  • Their fruit-flavored water (Roarin’ Waters) has no artificial sweeteners, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Need I say more? It’s great for kids who are in elementary or middle school (around ages 7-12) because it’s low in sugar and has the perfect thirst-quenching fruit taste your kids love.


  • No artificial colors in ANY Capri Sun flavors. Some kids have allergic reactions to synthetic food dyes, and many others exhibit behavioral issues after consuming food with dyes. Food coloring has no nutritional value, yet it’s being used more and more. Sure, it makes food fun colors, but it isn’t necessary.


  • Any mom knows how hard it can be to get your 3-6 year olds (or any kid for that matter) to eat their vegetables. It’s easy with Fruit & Veggie blends because there is ½ cup fruit and veggie juice in every pouch!. The new Fruit & Veggie blends are delicious! (And these don’t have any added sugar, either!) Apple + sweet potato, berry + carrot, and punch + carrot = 3 great flavor combos to choose from—and honestly, your kids will have no idea that there’s so much good inside!


  • No artificial flavors. All of the flavors in Capri Sun are from natural food sources, not something made up in a lab. Flavoring, it and of itself, has no nutritional value, so we’re not missing out on anything by leaving out the artificial flavors.


  • Capri Sun is transparent about their products. They have a ton of information online about their packaging, commitment to quality, and an extensive list of FAQs. Seriously – anything you could want to know about Capri Sun is online! And if you happen to have a question they don’t answer? Well, they encourage you to give ‘em a call and ask!


  • Capri Sun is available at Walmart, which means you can easily grab a box (or two!) on your next shopping trip. Or, even better, add a few boxes to your online grocery order and let the lovely grocery pickup associates bring them right out to your car with the rest of your groceries! Either way, you are saving money by shopping at Walmart. (And I know I’m not the only one who celebrates when I stay on-budget for groceries! 😉 )

While my friend and I may not match our clothes every day, we still have a lot in common — we’re both moms, we both work from home, and we both care about what our kids eat and drink.

Long story short: Capri Sun is arguably better now than it’s ever been—and that’s something that this mom is so excited about.  After all, what’s childhood without Capri Sun?